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Episode #221 - How Honest is too Honest

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Since we’re all doing school from home now, please answer the following questions:

  1. Honey, do these new pants make my butt look big?

  2. No, I left your gift at the office. Do you really think I’d forget our anniversary?

  3. Mommy, are some of the kids on my team better than me?

  4. Daddy, I’m so sad that Fluffy died. Is he in heaven with Jesus?

  5. Hey, Babe, I can’t see the back of my head. Am I balding at all?

So how did you do? Answer honestly. This week, the guys kick around the topic of how honest is too honest in the family.


We can justify lying by trying to "not hurt our spouse". It's choosing the path of least resistance. "Why would I purposefully hurt my wife" is the thought.

However, lying can be a behavior that can form a habit - quickly.

If you can't tell your spouse the truth out of fear of their response, you're in trouble. Without truth there is no trust, without trust there is no love.

You earn the right to speak truth / be honest. Love people first, then provide your truth.

Our goal in word and deed is congruency. Be the same in front of your wife as you are away from her.

We struggle to be honest with others because we are not honest with ourselves.

Be sure that you yourself are cultivating a relationship where people can be honest with you.


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