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Episode #217 - Boundaries

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The boys follow up with their co dependency talk from last week by discussing boundaries today. What are boundaries? How do you institute them? Won't that make matters worse? Listen in.


Boundariless families are dysfunctional. These families are tired.

Lack of boundaries finds its way into most, if not all, relational problems we have.

We mistakenly believe that if we set a boundary, it is unloving.

10 Laws of Boundaries

1. Law of sowing and reaping - needs to be consequences to behavior

2. Law of responsibility - be responsible for self

3. Law of power - make a choice and enact power within relationship

4. Law if respect - respect other people's boundaries

5. Law of motivation - risk disappointing people

6. Law of evaluation - hurt feelings aren't harmful

7. Law of proactivity - setting boundaries early

8. Law of envy - learn to be satisfied with your life

9. Law of activity - can't be passive and have boundaries

10. Law of exposure - choose to matter and exist in relationship


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