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Episode #216 - Co Dependency

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What is co-dependency? We’ve all heard about, accused others of being it, but what exactly is it? I mean, we should depend on each other…right? “Lean on me, when you’re not strong…” Hello?! But what is it, really? Listen in this week as the guys unpack the sometimes misunderstood topic of co-dependency, and see if you can recognize your relationship…uh, I mean recognized a “friend’s” relationship.


Co dependency = when one person needs another person, and the other person needs to be needed.

It's a relationship addiction. A toxic dance.

Submissive co dependents - desperately desire loves from dominant dependents

Dominant co dependents - don't give love the other desires

We pass on co dependency to our children

Recognizing who you are in your marriage:


1. Does your self worth hang on your partners approval?

2. Is it difficult to say no when your partner makes a demand?

3. Do you walk on egg shells around your partner?

4. Do you consistently worry about other's opinions of you?

5. Do you keep quiet to avoid arguments?


1. Are you in a constant state of frustration with your partner?

2. Can you not let go of correcting your partner?

3. It is difficult for you to agree to disagree?

4. Do you have a strong need to be right?

5. When push comes to shove, you get your way.


1. Boundaries (next week)

2. Don't avoid conflict; be a buffalo

3. Figure out wants vs needs. You want your spouse, you don't need him/her

4. It is not your place to correct your spouse


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