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Episode #220 - If You Loved Me, You Would...

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We’ve all done it. Looked at how our spouse is behaving and wondered, “Wow, if he really loved me, he wouldn’t be doing that.” Some of us have felt that so strongly that we actually say those word to our spouse. Making their momentary behavior a referendum on “if” they love us or not. Full disclosure, I have done this myself. Just the other night I told my wife, Beth, “If you really loved me, you wouldn’t make me watch the Downtown Abby movie a second time.” Wow, that felt good. Freedom comes through honesty and confession. Listen in this week as the guys expose this relationally destructive, yet common conflict mistake.


Even if we don't say these exact words, it is common for us to think/feel that "If our spouse loved me, he/she would -- blank --".

Men ask the same question, "If you respected me, you would".

Don't assume your spouse doesn't love you. Unless your spouse has said "I don't love you" - assume he/she does.


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