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Episode #215 - Accepting Spouse's Faults

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In our society today, we love us some tolerance! Vive la Difference! I always like to say, except when those differences we’re “Viveing” are behaviors in our spouse that are driving us up the wall during this sheltering in place experience. How can we “let go and let God” sooth our relational differences while we’re all boarded up inside our houses 24/7? Listen in this week as the guys discuss how to accept our spouse’s faults…That’s right. I said it, FAULTS! They’re not differences, they are flaws in their character that if they loved me, they would change!! Or would they?


Martial Wounds

1. Spouse Preferences - things that minimally impact your life

2. Infractions - things that moderately (and sometimes majorly) impact your life

3. Major Infractions - abuse, infidelity, etc

Scripturally, you only have justification for ending your marriage (or hardening your heart toward you spouse) for the MAJOR INFRACTIONS.

Marriage is about learning to get over things.

70% of all marital arguments are irreconcilable.


So how do we learn to get over things?

Decide that it is not your job to change your spouse! There is a Holy Spirit and it is not me.

Get the log out of our own eye.

Conflict is never about the content, the conflict touches a "raw spot" / insecurity - so your reaction has more to do with you.

Can you agree to disagree?

Be more grateful for your spouse's good, more than you're mad at the bad.


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