Episode #195 - Movies for Parenting Sons

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This week the guys talk through essential movies to watch with your sons. Whether you're a dad or mom, watch these movies with your sons. Through these movies you can help them learn healthy masculine traits.


Grumpy Cat

Questions to ask while watching films:

What qualities were depicted in this film that teach us what kind of man God wants us to be?

How can we, like Christ, stand up against insurmountable odds?

Why do some men choose to die for what they believe to be noble/right?

Essential Movies

1. Field of Dreams

2. Saving Private Ryan

3. Rudy

4. Remember the Titans

5. Glory

6. Wonder

7. Braveheart

8. Gladiator

9. Apollo 13

10. Hoosiers

**Jimmy Fallon is not on Saving Private Ryan, he was in Band of Brothers

Facts about Paul Revere's ride


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