Episode #182 - Mindful Living

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When we say “mindfulness” many of you, especially guys, tend to nod off. Mindfulness, you assume, is about meditation, yoga, and saying, “Namaste” while struggling to get off the floor. But that is NOT what we mean by being mindful. We mean, living your life intentionally, and with purpose. If you want a better marriage, a better family, a better walk with God, then you have to make a choice to make that happen. Listen in as the boys do their best impersonation of personal fitness trainers, by instructing you on how you can be your best you!! Come on!! And two and three…


Caffeine Free Diet Coke

Josh's made up change quote:

for change to happen there has to be vision, a plan and an act of will

A Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster

Change requires 3 things:

We need to realize the need for change

We know what to do to change

Motivation to change

If you're not mindful, you're mindless

Be present


Time with your family (schedule it!)

Talking face to face

Play - do something fun

Say No



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