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Episode #168 - Teen Dating

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I know it’s hard to believe, but one day, in the very near future, your child is going to leave to go on a date. Yep, that was a rush of adrenaline that you just felt. It’s a shock, but true. This week, the guys discuss the ins and outs of dating. All your questions will be answered, who, what, where, when, and sometimes Y and W. It’s never too early to prepare for that day when your little girl walks out of your house alone with a testosterone enflamed young man.

Links to information discussed in the show:

The sooner kids begin one on one dating, the sooner they begin sexual intercourse.

Dads prepare boys and protect girls

Importance placed on dating, but not give everything away too quickly

Dating Standards:

1. Only date believers

2. Suggestion: Group dating at 15, individual dating at 16


Dr. Jimmy Myers on Twitter: @docjimmymyers, Instagram: @jmyersfam, and Facebook: @docjimmymyers

Dr. Josh Myers on Twitter: @docjoshmyers, Instagram: @docjoshmyers, and Facebook: @docjoshmyers

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