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Episode #96 - Tish Harrison Warren

Click on Tish's photo to listen to the show.


This week the guys talk to an old friend. And when I say “old”, I’m talking mid 1990’s old. Come to find out, Tish Harrison Warren, author of the wildly popular book, Liturgy of the Ordinary was once a teenager in the church youth group where Jimmy was the youth minister. How crazy is that?! Listen in for old times, and her discussion of her amazing book.

Links to information discussed in the show:

Book by Tish:

Facebook: @tish.h.warren

Dr. Jimmy Myers on Twitter: @docjimmymyers, Instagram: @jmyersfam, and Facebook: @docjimmymyers

Dr. Josh Myers on Twitter: @docjoshmyers, Instagram: @docjoshmyers, and Facebook: @docjoshmyers

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