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Episode #83 - Social Media Parent


Click the picture to listen to the episode.


We talk all the time about how damaging constant social media use is to our children, but this week, the boys take up the subject of social media use and the parent…crickets…crickets….

Join us on a wild a wacky guilt trip focusing on the dangers of social media use and parents. Check it out…just don’t check it out of social media, cuz there is that whole hypocrisy thing.

Links to information discussed in the show:

3 Things to do:

1. As a couple set boundaries on your screen time.

2. When I am in the presence of my child, my phone does not exist.

3. If you are in a job that requires you to communicate 24/7, get another job.

Dr. Jimmy Myers on Twitter: @docjimmymyers, Instagram: @jmyersfam, and Facebook: @docjimmymyers

Dr. Josh Myers on Twitter: @docjoshmyers, Instagram: @docjoshmyers, and Facebook: @docjoshmyers

Take a Seat on the Couch:

If this episode hits home for you. If you believe you and your family struggle with this particular area, read below for next steps for you and your family:

1. Sit down and create action steps with your spouse or someone within your community.

2. Ask your spouse or community if they think you spend too much time on social media.

3. Create a social media log for the next week, tracking your usage.

4. If you'd like more help in this area, contact Jimmy and Josh at The Timothy Center. Just go to

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