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Episode #56 - When In-laws Become Outlaws


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Jimmy and Josh discuss inlaws on today’s show. Our families of origin can often times have too much control over our marriage, family and children. Listen in as the Pairadocs share insight dealing with inlaws that become outlaws.

Links to information discussed in the show:

Quotes from the Show:

Your in-laws are as big of a problem as you allow them to be.

10 (or 8) practical steps to not let in-laws become outlaws:

1. Never stand between your spouse and his/her parents.

2. Never adopt the idea that if you're the friend of my enemy, you are also my enemy.

3. Always make sure that your allegiance with your spouse is made clear.

4. Never use your children as a weapon.

5. Always be okay with disappointing them.

6. Always make decisions independently of how you think your in-laws will respond.

7. Always handle your own family.

8, Always remember that the more time your children spend with in-laws, the more say those in-laws will have.

Dr. Jimmy Myers on Twitter: @docjimmymyers, Instagram: @jmyersfam, and Facebook: @docjimmymyers

Dr. Josh Myers on Twitter: @docjoshmyers, Instagram: @docjoshmyers, and Facebook: @docjoshmyers

Take a Seat on the Couch:

If this episode hits home for you. If you believe you and your family struggle with this particular area, read below for next steps for you and your family:

1. You must start the conversation. Sit your parents/in-laws down and begin to set boundaries.

2. If your verbal boundaries are not respected, feel free to think about establishing physical boundaries - by spending less time with them.

3. Get on the same page as your spouse. It's important to be on the same team when it comes to your in-laws.

4. If you'd like more assistance in this area, contact Jimmy, Josh or one of their licensed professionals at

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