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Episode #40 - Jess Connolly

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The Pairadocs sit down with Jess Connolly today, author of Wild and Free. She and her co-author, Haley Morgan, discuss the importance of women learning to live without the limitations of two foundational insecurities: "I am too much" and "I am not enough." Listen in as she describes how important of a concept this is to grasp for husbands and parents of young women.

Links to information discussed in the show:

Jess' newest book:

Wild and Free (with Hayley Morgan)

The Amen Paper Company

'The world may tell us we're too much or not enough.'

'Women can, in Christ, walk wildly and rest freely.'

'Not be on a constant quest to get better or to fit in or to measure up.'


Facebook: @JessAConnolly

Twitter: @JessAConnolly

Instagram: @JessAConnolly

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