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Episode #35 - Chad Veach

Click on Chad's photo to listen to the show.


The guys sit down with Chad Veach, pastor and author of Unreasonable Hope. Chad discusses his daughter's illness and how he finally had to place his hope in the person of Jesus, not the outcome of the illness. He shares stories of his tattoo movement and how you can live a Zoe life.

Links to information discussed in the show:

Chad's book:

"Hope is confident expectation."

"My hope used to be in results, now it's in Jesus."

"I can only be disappointed if I put all of the emphasis on the results."

Andy Stanley - "People cannot relate with your strengths, but they can relate all day long with your weaknesses."

Facebook: @ChadCVeach

Twitter: @ChadCVeach

Instagram: @ChadCVeach

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