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Episode #19 - Julie Lyles Carr

Click on Julie's photo to listen to the show.


Julie Lyles and Mike Carr sit down with The Pairadocs and share about being parents of EIGHT!!! They laugh (sometimes cry) and provide incredible truth regarding parenting in the trenches. Also, pick up a copy of Julie’s book, Raising an Original. Don’t miss it!

Links to information discussed in the show:

Life Austin

Julie's book, Raising an Original

Julie and Mike's Tribe



Facebook: Julie Lyles Carr and Mike Carr

Twitter: ​@JulieLylesCarr and @MikeCarrAtx

Instagram: @JulieLylesCarr and @MichaelLLloydCarr

#austin #tx #texas #austintexas #pairadocspodcast #drjimmymyers #drjoshmyers #julielylescarr #raisinganoriginal

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