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Episode #146 - The Privilege Problem

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Listen in as Jimmy and Josh discuss Dr. Madeline Levine’s new book, The Price of Privilege: How Parental Pressure and Material Advantage are Creating a Generation of Disconnected and Unhappy Kids. You would think that it would be great for a kid to grow up in a home where all his needs are met, parents are focused and involved, and he’s provided with the best educational experience out there…but apparently, you’d be wrong. We’re learning that the more a child is given in life, the more toxic that life can become.

Links to information discussed in the show:

Dr. Levine's Book:

We need our kids to develop their own sense of self

In our attempts to love, we're loving them to death

This is an unsuccessful method of parenting

Let them be bored, let them work out their own problems, let them manage their own schedules


Dr. Jimmy Myers on Twitter: @docjimmymyers, Instagram: @jmyersfam, and Facebook: @docjimmymyers

Dr. Josh Myers on Twitter: @docjoshmyers, Instagram: @docjoshmyers, and Facebook: @docjoshmyers

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